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Monday, December 10, 2007
this little boy went to the store
The year was 1990. It was spring, and my dad took me shipping with him. Like any adventure, I was quite excited about it. And then the surprise – he took me to a store called CompUSA. I was amazed! At only eleven, this had to be one of the largest stores I had ever seen. Filled to the ceilings with neat things far beyond my comprehension, I was like a kid in a candy store – literally. Walking around, dazed and confused, I had nothing but respect for these 8-bit wizards surrounding me. And then I saw it. A salesman was standing next to a kiosk, and playing on that 386 PC was Prince of Persia.

I will never forget that day, because that is the day that I learned about two things: the power of computers, and the addiction they can bring. Of course my dad already knew about both of them, and refused to purchase the game for me. For the next few weeks, I could think of nothing else. I scrimped and I saved and finally had enough to buy it.
My parents had gone on vacation (I don’t remember where) and a Polish swimmer by the name of Josh that my family was hosting had a car and offered to take me to the store. I jumped at the chance and a few hours later I was playing the game on our own top-of-the-line 386sx PC. Oh the excitement! I remember filling a large bowl with cereal & milk, putting on my favorite jammies, and curling up to the PC for the next TWO DAYS STRAIGHT. Of course the cereal got instantly soggy, and quickly turned into a disgusting version of cold gelatinous oatmeal, but that did not deter me from my game!
I eventually beat the game a few weeks later, but the thing I will never forget is the impression that wonderful store made in my head and in my life.

Which brings me to the point of this entry: CompUSA is closing. That’s right folks, this giant of the past simply can’t compete with the likes of Fry’s & the World Wide Web, and had been sold off . It will close its doors forever sometime early next year.

You’ll be missed CompUSA. But the spark you ignited in that little boy seventeen years ago will live on forever. Viva la Computadores!!!!

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